Facts about one of Al-Jadaa Camp IDPs involved in bombing al-Sadr city

  • 18-08-2021, 20:25
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    INA – Nineveh 
    Ministry of Migration and Displaced – MMD denied on Wednesday, the involvement of one of the IDPs in al-Jadaa camp in bombing al-Sadr city.
    "Some media promoted that a fugitive from the al-Jadaa rehabilitation camp in bombing al-Sadr City, but the fact is in that the day of bombing, the security forces called us about the escape of one of the displaced from the camp, and its linkage to the bombing,'' said the Director of the Immigration Service in Nineveh, Khalid Abdul-Karim, in a statement to the Iraqi news agency - INA.
    He explained, ''we immediately worked on the formation of an investigation committee consisting of intelligence division 16 and employees in the camp, as we have checked all the names in it and we did not find any security suspicion or violation of one as it reached from the report of the security service,''

    "The camp is surrounded by more than a security fence, as well as the presence of Nineveh emergency police who are surrounding the center," he said.