Iraqi request to involve Turkey in Makhoul Dam project

  • 30-06-2021, 17:38
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    INA – Baghdad
    Ministry of Water Resources revealed upon understandings and proposals discussed by an Iraqi delegation for the ministry during its visit to Turkey, as well as the possibility of Ankara's contribution to the implementation of the Makhoul Dam project.
    "The proposals of the Iraqi party were clear regarding its great need for water," said the spokesman for the ministry and the member of the technical negotiating delegation, Awni Diab, to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    Diab noted to "the willingness of the Turkish side to provide Iraq with information about dams, most notably the Alisu Dam, in addition to the dams that is located on the Euphrates River,”
    "The Iraqi delegation visited the Aliso Dam, and listened to a detailed presentation on the reality of the dam, and what is related to the quantities of storage, and the method of operating the dam at the present time," he added.
    "The operation method takes into account both sides of drought and humidity, and they expect that the next year will be better than this year in terms of rainfall,"
    Diab added, "during the talks, the Iraqi side was briefed on the water situation in the Tigris and Euphrates basins, and they also discussed what was mentioned in the memorandum of understanding on water that Iraq and Turkey signed earlier," explaining that "the Turkish parliament approved it, while it will be approved by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey in order for the memorandum to get it into action,”