Saudi investment in the desert is suspended

  • 11-06-2021, 13:30
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Ministry of Water Resources confirmed today, Friday, that Saudi investment in the desert is suspended, and while noting that the water situation in Diyala is improving, it announced that it is allowed to grow strawberries in the Middle Euphrates .

    Ministry spokesman Aoun Diab told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "there are reservations about Saudi companies investing in the desert due to the limited groundwater," noting that "this issue is dangerous and we do not want to make the same mistake that Saudi Arabia made when it used groundwater." They brought sprinklers and announced that they had enough of wheat, only to be exposed, after two years, to a collapse as a result of a sharp drop in water .

    He explained that "this issue is pending and dangerous, and there is currently renewable water that can restore itself over the years and be abundant to restore the lost water ."

    He pointed out that "the issue of water with Turkey and Iran is long, and discussions should continue until it takes a serious framework," noting that "there is a possibility of an upcoming visit of a high-level delegation of Minister of Water Resources Mahdi Rashid Al-Hamdani to Iran to discuss common matters ."

    Water storage

    Diab stated that "the water ratio of the Tigris and Euphrates in the reservoirs of Haditha, Habbaniyah, Mosul and Tharthar dams is good, and it secures summer agriculture, in addition to cultivating rice in the Middle Euphrates and maize in Babylon and Wasit ."

    Water in Diyala

    He continued: "The problem we have in Diyala is that its water coming from Iran is very little, and the status of reservoirs is not enough," noting that "we are working to secure agricultural irrigation and drinking water ."

    He stressed that "the ministry has taken reinforcement measures for the Baqubah region and has transferred water from the Tigris River below Khalis and delivered it to the Khurasan River and Sariya," noting that "the water situation in Diyala is improving ."

    Diab indicated that "there is a pumping station at the bottom of the Tigris to deliver water towards Baqubah, as well as a large campaign to dig water wells for the purpose of securing water delivery to remote areas such as Mandali, which is located at the end of rivers ."

    He added, "The minister visited the area two days ago, and was briefed on the quality of the water that is good and suitable for human use, such as washing and bathing ."

    The water situation in the south

    Diab indicated that "the ministry pledged to monitor the environmental aspect in the far south of Iraq, especially in Basra, and to deliver water at the rates required to prevent the rise of the salt tide towards the Shatt al-Arab." .

    The ministry's spokesman stressed that "the water situation in Basra is relatively stable, with the exception of Al-Faw, which we provided water to from the north of Basra through the Shatt Al-Arab irrigation canal ."