Iraq: 500 dunums for Jamima border-crossing port with Saudi Arabia

  • 16-06-2021, 20:30
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    INA - Baghdad

    Director of the Border-Crossing Ports Authority, Omar Al-Waeli, revealed the latest developments related to the Jamima border port with Saudi Arabia, as he announced the allocation of 500 dunams to establish the port.

    "The proposal to establish Jamima port was presented during the Ports Authority Council meeting No. 5 of 2021, and a decision was unanimously issued to form a committee to prepare a feasibility study under the chairmanship of the Border Ports Authority and the membership of all relevant authorities,”Al-Waeli told the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    He explained that "the committee is currently in the process of forming and issuing an administrative order, and there is an approval from the authority's council to open the port."

    “There is a great effort and interest from Muthanna Governorate to start the construction process, and 500 dunams have been allocated for the construction of the port,”

    He went on stressing that "the establishment of Jamima port will support Muthanna province economically and make it one of the important trade routes in the process of trade exchange between Iraq and Saudi Arabia,”