MOC confirms the national system will be supplied by 630 megawatts

  • 9-05-2021, 16:18
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    Baghdad - INA

    Joint Operations Command revealed a technical effort to prevent the repeated targeting of vital installations with booby-trapped aircraft, while indicating that it continues to pursue and chase anyone who carries out these acts .

    In the name of the leadership, Major General Tahsin Al-Khafaji, said to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "There is a security work and very high capabilities that the joint operations began to discuss with the security leaders of various names with the development of the use of bombed aircraft for terrorist organizations," indicating that "this work includes the development of The capabilities and capabilities of the technical effort carried out by the security forces, especially the security cordons surrounding vital targets.

    He added that "using the method of bombed aircraft and sending these aircraft to important vital goals is another development, but there is something corresponding to this development is the use of a great technical effort to take advantage and work to enter the vibrations or the electromagnetic spectrum, as well as the cyber space of the waves used by such aircraft." Explaining that "there is a lot of work being done by engineers, specialists and experts in the field of electronic research and in the field of the use of cyberspace, as well as the electromagnetic spectrum, as well as analysis of many things that may override the techniques or methods used by terrorist organizations."