State media announces details of the financial reform plan drawn up by the Finance Ministry

  • 20-04-2021, 14:36
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Government Information Cell announced that the Ministry of Finance has drawn up an economic reform plan and delineated projects .

    A cell statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) said, "The Ministry of Finance has begun to develop an economic reform plan, according to what is included in the white paper, by providing quick loans to small and medium companies and facilitating financing investment projects aimed at alleviating the housing crisis."

    He explained that "the ministry, according to the government performance program for the six months of last year, provided many programs and plans within its various sectors," noting that "Rafidain Bank has started granting loans worth (100) million dinars to employees looking for housing, and (50) million dinars to buy housing units, or power systems of solar renewable, as well as auto loans, and operating hotels, scientific research, doctors, pharmacists, and private sector employees, their value (5, 10, 15, 20, and 25) million dinars " .

    He continued, "In order to develop the performance of the financial sector and improve the level of technology in the banking sector, Rafidain Bank has participated in reconstruction and investment projects with strategic plans to improve infrastructure, health, education and tourism . "

    On the other hand, the statement stated that "the Ministry of Finance has started implementing the project demarcation file and put it up for investment, as it has begun monitoring the sums for improving the electrical network and dealing with transport bottlenecks in (12) villages, and cladding the main roads in five different regions in the governorates."

    He added, "The Al-Okasha water complex in Najmi was rehabilitated and developed, the water purification plant in Aziz Balad was restored, the conveyor line was extended from the new Rumaitha project to the Abu Srifa area, the electricity network was equipped and extended in the Al-Dhuaiher area in Al-Hilal, and the conveyor water pipe was extended in the Warka area And the extension of the water network of Al-Suwir. "

    He stressed that "the Ministry of Finance announced investment opportunities ready for implementation, most notably the Al-Qurayat Bridge with a length of (2.6) km, which will link between Al-Karkh and Al-Rusafa, Karbala Al-Hawali Road with a length of 66.5 km, Baghdad Al-Hawali Road with a length of 94 km and the highway linking the governorates of Wasit Baghdad, Karbala and Babil are (235) km long, the road linking Karbala Governorate and the Arar Crossing is 160 km long, and the Baghdad-Bismayah road, with a length of (20) km.