Election Commission extends the period for updating the voter register

  • 1-04-2021, 15:37
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Electoral Commission announced today, Thursday,  the extension of the period for updating the voter register for a period of 15 days, while noting that the biometric registration that has been launched since 2014 amounted to (15,792,209) registered biometric.

    The Commission said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “It has been decided to extend the period for updating the biometric voter register, which started from 1-2-2021, for an additional fifteen days, to 4-15-2021,” indicating that “this aims to Allowing the largest number of voters to conduct the biometric registration and updating process, with the aim of ensuring their participation in voting at a later time.

    addeding to that "the period for objecting to the primary voter register will be for the period from (4/16/2021 until 4/22-2021)," noting that "the modernization process that started on 1-2-2021 resulted in (1,336,570). A state of update, as well as the registration of (23,392) displaced voters, with the continuation of the biometric registration process that began since 2014, reaching (15,792,209) registered biometric.

    "The work of the employees and contract employees in the national office and the electoral governorates' offices and their registration centers with the mobile teams will be 100% for the purpose of completing the biometric update and registration process," explaining that "the commission seeks everything that guarantees the integrity of the biometric update process through the accreditation of the local observers who They visited registration centers to monitor the process, who numbered (4,355) local observers, as well as the observers from political party agents, who numbered (5,398) political party agents they add 

    "It is working to update the data and deliver the voter cards to the special vote from the armed forces and security agencies by addressing the relevant authorities to locate their employees for the purpose of running mobile teams to conduct the update and distribution process."