The plight of the state with holders of higher degrees

  • 18-03-2021, 20:01
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    Dr. Khaled Khalil Howeidi

    There is no dispute that education and obtaining a higher degree is a right for everyone who wishes to develop himself and realize himself through access to the field of scientific research. In order for him to be qualified and possess a cognitive formation, he would contribute to the development of his capabilities and skills and secure his future.
    But with the terrifying glut in the number of those with higher degrees, which is matched by the great desire of not a few students who dream of obtaining a higher degree, and the desire of all of them for government employment makes us face a big problem, no country can accommodate everyone in its scientific and administrative institutions.
    In addition, the price of obtaining a postgraduate degree from Iran, Lebanon, or Turkey has not become a significant obstacle to students' desires. So that the student can register and obtain a postgraduate degree in a number of universities in neighboring countries for an amount not exceeding one thousand dollars,
    Especially if we know that a large number of students graduating from private or government colleges have deliberately emigrated to obtain higher degrees for little money for them, and there is no doubt that most of them develop self-improvement after their return to engage in teaching and obtain a job.
    All these and other things make the state facing a great ordeal, as everyone wants employment and it is their right - as they believe - with the almost complete absence of a private sector that can absorb all of them.
    The Ministries of Planning and Education must carefully consider this problem in which we are living its chapters for this period, and which will increase in severity in the coming years,
     And that is by taking a number of procedural steps, which contribute to legalizing the process of obtaining a higher degree, and this can be achieved by stopping the application for a number of specialties, in which there is a surplus,
    And that is through the Ministry of Planning preparing lists that specify the specializations that the country needs, along with the legalization of other specialties,
    As well as seeking to develop the private sector, which accommodates graduates, and helps them create a decent life, parallel to the efforts they made.