PFC reveals the axes that it intends to study in the budget

  • 8-01-2021, 14:53
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    Baghdad - INA 


    The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed today, Friday, the axes that it intends to study in the general budget.

     A member of the committee, Deputy Adnan Al-Zurfi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The Financial Committee has no relationship in drawing the features of the budget, but rather the government is the one that draws the features and trends of the budget as an executive policy and the authority of the Council of Ministers."

     He added, "The Financial Committee is trying to reconsider this budget, and notes whether there are deviations in expenditures, and if there are also deficiencies in the ministries production process, increasing revenues in ministries, and monitors spending operations, and the distribution of national wealth to sectors, governorates and ministries,  And it monitors internal and external borrowings, which may be misused in any project, "pointing out that" these axes will be studied by the Finance Committee. "