Saairun Bloc: We believe in the capabilities of our valiant army to protect Iraq

  • 5-01-2021, 14:25
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Saairun bloc affirmed today, Tuesday that it believes in the capabilities of the brave Iraqi army to protect the country.

    In a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), the bloc said, "Iraqis are celebrating the centenary of the establishment of the brave Iraqi army in exceptional circumstances that Iraq and the region are going through, which puts us in front of a historical responsibility and a great national mission," pointing out that "the prestige of nations is achieved through The strength of its armies, its cohesion, the intensity of its attachment to its land, and the willingness to sacrifice for the sake of the interests of its homelands. "

    The statement added: "Therefore, as we celebrate this fragrant occasion, we had to give this institution our attention, and affirm its construction in a professional military manner. We seek from behind it reassurance of the future of our country and protect it from external ambitions with courage and selflessness," noting that "on this occasion we renew our categorical rejection of the existence of Any foreign forces on Iraqi soil, especially the American forces, due to our absolute belief in the capabilities of our valiant army to protect Iraq and preserve its sovereignty and the dignity of its people.”