PDC recommends intensifying the intelligence effort and pursuing the rocket launchers on the Green Zone

  • 24-12-2020, 11:53
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee recommended that the intelligence effort should be intensified to uncover those involved in the bombing of the Green Zone in Baghdad, while it indicated that targeting missions is unacceptable.

    A member of the committee, Ali Al-Ghanimi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Thursday: "The bombing of the Green Zone and the targeting of diplomatic missions is targeting civilians in the same area."

    He added that "the US embassy is a large diplomatic institution, and what is rumored about it representing the US Command Council is not true."

    He pointed out that "targeting embassies located in Iraqi lands, including the United States, is unacceptable, so the government must uncover the perpetrators."

    He explained that "dealing with the American side must be through the strategic framework agreement signed between the two countries."