Saeroun determines several factors for holding the early elections

  • 6-11-2020, 14:59
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    Baghdad - INA- Amna Al Salami


    Saeroun coalition identified several factors that must be met in order to hold early elections.

     "The holding of early elections depends on several factors, some of which are related to the government and others to parliament, and there are other factors related to the election commission, as well as an important factor related to the parties and the constituent blocs of the current parliament," said coalition MP Ghayeb Al-Amiri in a special statement to the Iraqi News Agency.  .

     He added that "the factors associated with the government are controlling the uncontrolled weapons, creating a safe environment for conducting fair elections, and accountability for corruption and the corrupt, so that political funds do not affect the upcoming elections," noting that "there are factors related to the commission, the most important technical and logistical matters,  And the Commission’s announcement of its readiness to hold early elections, in addition to what the commission needs. "