PM: The government is keen on Basra to recover and to rise again

  • 5-11-2020, 17:00
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    Baghdad - INA


     Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi confirmed, today, Thursday, that the government is keen to ensure that Basra Governorate regains its glory and bounces back.


     In a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), the media office of the Prime Minister stated, “Al-Kadhimi, during his presence in Basra Governorate, met with a number of elites in the province, and listened to the problems that the people of Basra suffer from and a number of segments of society, and the sponsoring proposals that contribute to  Upgrading the reality of the province. "


      Al-Kadhimi stressed, according to the statement, "Basra has suffered greatly due to negligence and the weakness of the services provided, despite being one of the rich provinces, and it is assumed that services are at the forefront there, indicating that" the government is keen for Basra to regain its health, and to rise again, stressing that "the rise of Basra  The rest of the provinces will rise. "