Spain exceeds 1m cases of COVID-19

  • 21-10-2020, 17:23
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    INA – Sources: The Guardian

    Six weeks after becoming the first western European country to record 500,000 coronavirus cases, Spain has become the first to record a million, registering a total of 1,005,295 infections by Wednesday evening.

    It has also recorded 575 deaths over the past week, bringing the official number of Covid deaths to 34,366.

    The unwelcome landmark comes as the Spanish government mulls a curfew and as political bickering and grandstanding threaten to jeopardise the country’s efforts to tame the second wave of the virus.

    The government of the Madrid region, which accounts for almost a third of all Spain’s cases, has been locked in a quarrel with the central government over how to deal with the rise.