USA: 10 million new cases of Corona

  • 8-11-2020, 13:22
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    INA- follow up
    The number of Corona virus infections in the United States has increased, which is nearly 10 million, while the number of deaths resulting from the epidemic has reached 237,019 cases.
    Amidst the traffic of news related to the US elections and the announcement of US President Joe Biden’s victory, he noticed the sharp increase in the number of injuries, especially in the few days before the US elections, and to this day a record increase in Covid-19 injuries.
    17 states registered a record daily increase, while 14 states recorded record daily numbers of hospitalized patients.
    In a census, it was found that the number of new infections with the Coronavirus in the United States increased by 129,606 cases, at least, to exceed the daily number of infections the 100,000 mark for the third consecutive day in light of the third wave of the outbreak.
    This increase represents the fourth time that the number of new infections exceeds 100,000 in the United States, which is the world most affected by the epidemic.
    And 20 states, from five states, recorded an increase in the number of injuries nationwide that exceeded 120,000 for the first time.