Corona refuses to leave Ibrahimovic body despite the 14 days

  • 7-10-2020, 17:09
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    The Italian website Calcio Mercato revealed the failure of the Italian Milan striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, to recover from Corona (Covid 19) despite the passage of 14 days since the "Lombardy" club announced that he had been infected with the virus, which he had missed from the past four matches in the Italian League and the European League.

    Today, Wednesday, the site said: "Ibrahimovic has performed two consecutive aspirations, while the result is still positive at a time when the player does not suffer from symptoms of the virus, and continues his exercises in quarantine at his home alone."

    The Swedish star had dealt with Corona sarcastically through his previous tweets, as he wrote on his account on the social networking site "Twitter" before contracting the virus: "If the virus does not come to me, I will go to it", at a time when the epidemic is spreading in the world and has led to the infection of huge numbers Of humans are infected with the virus.

    And after infection with "Covid 19", the Swedish giant said: "Covid 19 had enough courage to enter the challenge with me, a bad idea."