Al-Kadhmi chairs the first meeting of the investigation committee into security breaches

  • 6-10-2020, 15:29
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al- Kadhmi, confirmed today, Tuesday, that the parties that killed and injured innocent Iraqis are harming the future of Iraq and its relations, reaffirming that the state is the one who owns the decision of war or peace.

    The media office of the prime minister said, in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "Al- Kadhmi chaired the first meeting of the committee to investigate security breaches targeting Iraq's security and prestige."

    Al- Kadhmi said, according to the statement, that "this committee, which is made up of the security executive agencies, and the Security and Defense Committee in the House of Representatives, represents the opinion of national unity, and will depend on that in its work."

    He pointed out that "the parties that killed and wounded innocent Iraqis, unlike what the justifications for these attacks propagated, only harm the future of Iraq and its relations," noting that "this matter has exceeded its limits in light of the crises.