The records of more than 2000 new cases of Coronavirus in Italy

  • 1-10-2020, 16:02
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    follow-up - INA


     Today, Thursday, the Italian Ministry of Health announced that it had registered more than 2,000 new cases of coronavirus in the country for the first time since late April.

     The ministry said, in a new statistic, that the number of registered infections with the new Corona virus "COVID-19" infection has increased in the country during the past 24 hours, by 2548 cases, to reach 317,409, including 228844 cures.

     This data indicates a big jump for the daily HIV infection index in Italy, after it reached 1851 cases in the statistics on Wednesday, and this is the first time that the country has recorded more than 2,000 infected people within 24 hours since April 29.

     On the other hand, the Italian Ministry of Health stated that, during the past day, it had detected 24 new deaths, compared to 19 in Wednesday's statistic, bringing the total number of pandemic victims in the country to 35918.