Corona prevents the English fans from watching the league matches again

  • 22-09-2020, 18:20
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     British Secretary of State Michael Gove announced today, Tuesday, that the scheme to allow the return of fans to the stadiums in the country will be suspended due to the sharp rise in cases of people infected with the emerging coronavirus.

     Gove considered that "reopening the stadiums to large numbers will not be appropriate at the present time," which constitutes a major setback for sports federations and clubs that suffer severe financial repercussions as a result of the pandemic, and some tests have been held in various competitions where a maximum of 1,000 people were allowed in the stands.  As an experiment for the return of the masses more from the beginning of next month.

     "We were looking at a phased program for the return of more fans, but it was never about stadiums full of fans," he said, pointing out that research is underway at the present time about how to stop this program temporarily, while ensuring the return of more fans as soon as conditions permit.

     The majority of competitions in Britain, including the Premier League, have completed behind closed doors since they resumed earlier this year following a forced halt due to the pandemic, while sports officials warned of huge and huge losses due to the stoppage of revenue from selling tickets.

     Source: "AFP"