Iraq participates in the production of COVID-19 vaccine

  • 21-09-2020, 14:15
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    Iraq is intensifying its efforts, in cooperation with China, the UAE and other countries, in the global race to reach a vaccine that to fight COVID-19 and it participates with these countries in clinical trials aimed at proving that the vaccine is safe and effective.

    “The clinical trials of the Chinese vaccine will ensure the safety of volunteers,” said the technical representative of the Ministry of Health and Environment Hazem al-Jumaili as he assured Al-Sabah Newspaper that “the experiment will contribute to the development of research centers in the country,”

    Two or three research centers will be selected to follow up the issue to ensure that Iraq gets its need for the vaccine; al-Jumaili added “Iraq, like the rest of the world, seeks to obtain a safe and effective vaccine at an early date,"

    Most countries coordinate with the World Health Organization, which is responsible for monitoring, producing vaccines and distributing them fairly between countries, so that it is given at a reduced price to poor countries, and “a full price to countries classified as "medium", including our country” he included.