Plasschaert: We support the efforts of the Al-Kadhmi government to establish balanced international relations

  • 11-09-2020, 10:46
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    Baghdad - INA


     The representative of the United Nations in Iraq, Jeanine Hennis Plasschaert confirmed that (UNAMI) supports the efforts of the Iraqi government to establish balanced international relations, while stressing the need for early elections to be led by an Iraqi leader.

     "The United Nations in Iraq, in line with its mandate, supports Iraqi sovereignty and supports the government's efforts to establish balanced relations with neighboring countries and the rest of the world," Plasschaert said in an interview with the Iraqi News Agency (INA), pointing out that "the international community and through the organizations of nations  The United Nations, expressed its support for Iraq on many occasions, including combating terrorism, assisting refugees and displaced persons, restoring stability, reconstruction, returning displaced persons, development projects, strengthening democracy, as well as supporting state institutions, defending human rights, enhancing social cohesion, and providing electoral assistance,  Facilitating dialogues between Baghdad and Erbil. "

     And she continued, "The UN Security Council, in response to the Iraqi government's request, extended last May the mandate for the United Nations Mission (UNAMI) to assist and support Iraq, and this is evidence of the international community's interest in seeing a strong, sovereign, prosperous and stable Iraq, and the support exists and will continue."


     Election support

     With regard to early elections, the UN representative in Iraq confirmed that "the United Nations is tasked with providing advice and technical support to Iraqi national institutions, and will continue to provide all needed advice and support," noting that "the international organization in Iraq has begun issuing a detailed monthly report on electoral preparations and processes." To shed some light on support for this effort. "

     She added, "The Iraqi government has pledged to hold credible early elections, and this is a major popular demand and ambition." 

     Plasschaert stressed that "these elections must be led by an Iraqi, and it is important to conduct them correctly because credible elections are necessary to build public confidence," adding that "ultimately democracy can only be strengthened through the active participation of the people, and for elections to be credible and acceptable."  For all Iraqis, the independence of the Independent High Electoral Commission must be protected from any political interference. "


     Fighting corruption

     The representative of the United Nations in Iraq promised that "corruption is one of the biggest problems facing the government and Iraq, because its economic cost is enormous, it badly affects the need of Iraqis, and leads to undermining investor confidence," stressing that "corruption feeds many security problems in Iraq and the government is aware of these challenges."

     She explained that "the government has placed economic and financial reform in its priorities, as it is necessary to open a brighter future for all Iraqis," noting that "fighting corruption is primarily a national issue."

     "The United Nations is ready to assist the Iraqi government if it is asked to provide technical assistance in combating corruption," Plasschaert emphasized.

     With regard to the demonstrations, the international representative indicated that "the United Nations mission expressed satisfaction with the statements and some early measures taken by the government to protect the demonstrators, which are hopeful signs, but more measures will be needed to achieve true justice and accountability," pointing to  "The international mission has consistently demanded the protection of peaceful demonstrators, the protection of freedom of expression, and the guarantee of justice by holding accountable those responsible for the killing of protesters. It issued a number of reports on the demonstrations and made a series of recommendations."


     Turkish attacks

     Regarding the United Nations' position on the repeated Turkish violations of Iraqi lands, airspace and sovereignty, as well as the violations that Iraq is subjected to in the file of water imports from the source countries, plasschaert stated that "the United Nations continues to urge Iraq and its neighbors to resolve their differences by diplomatic means and dialogue with full respect for national sovereignty,"  This applies to any military operation, as well as to the water resources file. "

     She noted, "The United Nations continues to engage in developing a long-term strategy to deal with the water issue, and to assist the government in facilitating regional dialogue and cooperation, including in water-related issues. The United Nations is also committed to continuing to support Iraq in improving its management of water resources."