Intelligence announces arresting 5 terrorists and two Daesh camps seizure in Nineveh

  • 24-08-2020, 14:52
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    INA - Baghdad

    The Intelligence Agency at the Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of 5 terrorists as it seized Daesh hideout camp in Nineveh.

    In a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), the agency stated, "Intelligence units in Nineveh have arrested five wanted in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 terrorism in separate areas of the governorate for their affiliation with Daesh terrorist gangs,"

    "The terrorists worked in the so-called public camps and the Support Brigade under different surnames and titles, indicating that through preliminary investigations, they confessed to belonging to those criminal gangs and participated in several terrorist operations against the security forces and citizens," included the statement.

    In their indications, two hideouts camps belonging to Daesh gangs were seized in Al-Baaj Island, consisting of abandoned residential homes, the statement pointed.