Mulla Talal: Al-Kadhmi will go to Jordan after Washington’s visit

  • 17-08-2020, 19:05
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     A spokesman for the Prime Minister, Ahmed Mulla Talal, announced today, Monday, that Al-Kadhmi will head after the visit of the United States of America to Jordan, indicating that an official delegation headed by the Foreign Minister will meet his American counterpart in Washington.

     "The delegation will discuss conducting the second phase of the strategic dialogue," Mulla Talal said in the press conference attended by the correspondent of the Iraqi News Agency (INA), pointing out that "the second stage of the strategic dialogue is not the last and there will be other rounds."

     He added that "the prime minister's visit to Washington will discuss the security, economic, health and energy fields."

     "The government's approach is to support the stability of the region and not to engage in the policy of axes," Mulla Talal added.

     He explained that "the visit of the Prime Minister to Saudi Arabia is still ongoing," indicating that "Al-Kadhmi will go after Washington's visit to Jordan."

     "The government is ready to hold the elections and is able to hold them on the specified date," Mulla Talal stressed.

     Mulla Talal indicated that "the cabinet decided to release documents for graduates of medical colleges."