Indications that control of the Corona pandemic will be close

  • 24-07-2020, 16:41
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    Baghdad - INA


     The director of the Sheikh Zayed Hospital Moataz Ali confirmed today, Friday, that the current indicators confirm the retreat of the Corona virus soon.

     Ali told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "Iraq has reached a stage where it is necessary to coexist with the disease," pointing out that "the curfew has become useless and does not affect the reduction or increase in the number of injuries."

     He pointed out that "the number of injuries is not expected to increase, on the contrary, the injuries will begin to decrease to the lowest level, such as the various epidemics that have occurred and that start strongly and then quickly end," noting that "today there is a greater commitment of citizens to preventive measures, and this matter has  A role in the decline of the virus. "