Union Iraqi forces talks about an alternative to Kambash

  • 12-07-2020, 13:03
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    Baghdad - INA


    Representative of the Union Iraqi forces Raad Al-Dahlaki suggested the nomination of former MP Salah Al-Jibawi as a substitute for Ghaida Kambash, who died after being infected with the emerging coronavirus.


     Al-Dahlaki told Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Sunday, that "the alternative to Ghaida Kambash has not been discussed yet, but it is possible to go with the loudest voice in the list, and I think that the alternative currently according to the law is former deputy Salah al-Jabouri, unless there is a lack of quotas in parliament  And this will be audited in the House of Representatives to maintain the quota balance. "

     He pointed out that "space can be given to the head of the bloc to choose who deems appropriate", pointing out that "the issue needs a political and legal opinion."