PCC discusses the proposed plan after the curfew ban

  • 31-05-2020, 13:32
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    Baghdad - INA


     Today, Sunday, the Parliamentary Crisis Cell revealed the proposed plan after the comprehensive ban.

     Member of the Parliamentary Crisis Cell, Hassan Khalati, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "The proposed cell plan after the comprehensive ban will include imposing a curfew for the areas with high casualties, and adopting a partial ban for the rest of the areas with life gradually returning to normal."

     Al-Khallati added that "the plan also included in the event of an increase in quarantine cases for my home for individuals who have been tested for infection and did not show symptoms of the virus, according to a follow-up plan from health teams with the aim of leaving hospitals for severe and moderate cases."

     He stressed that there is an emphasis on adhering to the preventive measures through the medical teams, in cooperation with the security forces, in campaigns of sterilization and sterilization, and taking surveys.