England: the resumption of the cup competition and the Wembley final

  • 29-05-2020, 13:46
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     The English Football Association announced, on Friday, the resumption of the cup competition late next month, after stopping it since March, due to the new Corona virus, and also revealed the upcoming championship final.

     The English Football Association decided that the Federation Cup final match will be held on the first of August, the day after the League announced the resumption of its matches, starting from the initial date is June 17.

     The cup competition was halted before the start of the quarter-finals because of the "Covid-19" pandemic, but the organizers hope to resume it in conjunction with the return of the Premier League matches.

     The four quarter-finals will be played on Saturday and Sunday, 27 and 28 June, while it has not yet been decided whether the confrontations will take place on the teams' stadiums that were to be hosted, or on neutral stadiums.