Parliamentary communications offer an alternative proposal for oil

  • 12-05-2020, 09:31
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    Baghdad - INA - Mohammed Talibi

    The Communications Committee of the House of Representatives stressed the need to draw the telecommunications sector policy with safe hands, while calling for the importance of its activation and dependence in dealing with the financial allocations crisis and an alternative source of oil.

    Member of the Committee Alaa Al-Rubaie told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "Most of the countries of the world consider the telecommunications sector to be an important sector that has priority, as it generates funds for countries and covers a large part of their financial budgets," pointing out that "highlighting the communications sector is an important matter in Addressing the financial crisis.

    He added that "Iraq faces great suffering in the telecommunications sector due to mismanagement, corruption, bad companies and service, and weak internet, in addition to the suffering that the citizen suffers from due to the high price in this sector compared to the countries of the region."

    He pointed out the importance of granting the fourth license, as well as activating the landline phone, "stressing the importance of keeping the telecommunications sector away from the domination of political blocs and relying on it to tackle the financial allocations crisis as it is possible to generate funds for the budget and become a source like oil."

    The former Minister of Communications, Naeem Al-Rubaie, had confirmed earlier that the revenues of the Ministry of Communications will match the Ministry of Oil, if the security and economic situation stabilizes.