PM honors first students

  • 5-08-2019, 10:42
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    Ina- Baghdad

    Local News


    PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi honored today, Monday, the first successful students, and praised the high percentage of excelling students from the liberated governorates and cities. The PM’s Media Office said in a statement (Ina received a copy of) on Monday: ‘PM Abdul-Mahdi held a reception meeting in his office to honor the outstanding successful students from all governorates with their parents, and officials of the Ministry of Education.

    ‘PM Abdul-Mahdi addressed the students saying: “I congratulate you all, your families, and ourselves for this success and excellence.. You are the hope and the future.. With you Iraq is built. With this success deeds are completed and obstacles removed. I just returned from Diyala (to which I arrived at dawn) to launch the third stage of ‘Will of Victory’ operation. Without the sacrifices of our heroic fighters (who liberated the land from Isis gangs) we wouldn’t be sitting here today, and this success, excellence, and stability wouldn’t have taken place. This large number of excelling students is highly significant.

    ‘He expressed his happiness that the number of excelling girls is about two thirds; this is something that should have results, they should have places of responsibility. He also praised students from poor families; that education is no longer confined to well- off families or the Capital Baghdad. There is also a good percentage of students from liberated governorates and cities; despite hardships facing them... these governorates should be compensated for the loss of school years, and be taken care of in stability and the return of the displaced.

    ‘He called for more efforts to raise the educational standards in Iraq; after a significant decline due to wars and strife. Praising the officials’ efforts at the Ministry of Education towards conducting examinations and success rates”.