Integrity detect misappropriation more than 11 Billion dinar from allotments Ninevehs' refugees

  • 30-07-2019, 10:45
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    Baghdad/ INA

    Today, Integrity Commission declared in a statement. Which INA received a copy of, said that "directorate of Investigation stuff of Nineveh could detecting rudiments of spending more than 11 Billion dinar in the governorate, clearing that these amounts dedicated by Ministry of Displacement and Migration to relief and sheltering governorates' refugees".

    It appointed that  amount was detected  (11.312.258.00) dinar in the governorate –in both accounts and budget, managing local administration department". Adding "these amounts dedicated by the ministry through material suppling and implementation of health department works and director of education in Nineveh".

    Adding that "it also detected all necessary documentations by investigation team that the amount has never been deposited in ‎governorate's Banking account but kept in Kurdistan Region, what proofs receiving amounts are copies of receipts assured that the deal occurred in Erbil, as well as 32 receipts from implementing contractors of projects, mean that received the amounts from governorate done without receipts".

    Continued "record of evidence have been organized with all documents, offering them to the investigation commission of integrity cases in Nineveh, which decided conduct investigation depending on article (315) of the Penal Code".