Commission of Integrity Detains Two Persons in Baghdad Indulged in Fraud and Bribery

  • 9-06-2019, 10:39
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    INA, Baghdad-

    The commission of Integrity declaredon Sunday the detention of two persons in Baghdad who indulged in the acts of fraud and bribery.

    A statement by the commission, a copy of which received by INA, announced that “a team from the ‘Directorate of Investigations – Baghdad’ had performed investigations in connection to a person who deceived a number of citizens by claiming himself as an official in the Commission of Integrity and making them believe that he has the authority to help in solving certain matters that relate to the works of the commission.

    The statement went on to explain how this person was set up through a phone call under the cover of requesting his help to free a detained woman, the detainee woman was picked randomly from data base.

    ‘The accused then provided a phone number belongs to a female employee who worked in his office. When contacted the woman asked for 12500 US dollars in return for the release of the detainee woman on bail.’

    ‘The set up was then laid and the female employee caught red handed as she was receiving the sum of 1000 US dollars, supposed to be an advance payment. During the investigation the woman admitted that she had an arrangement with an officer who worked in one of the security services to get the detainee woman out in return for 10000 US dollars.’

    ‘The security officer was then contacted by phone,’ the statement explains, ‘and was caught in the act by help from the accused woman employee. He admitted the arrangement with the accused woman that involved setting free a detainee woman in return for money.’