Al-Kaabi demands ministry of foreign affairs to investigate in Iraqi delegation’s visit Israel

  • 7-01-2019, 10:39
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    Baghdad / INA

    Today, the fist deputy of the speaker of parliament Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi demanded the ministry of foreign affairs to investigate in what was mentioned in western and Zionism media about visiting three Iraqi delegations to the Israel entity.

    Al-Kaabi has directed in a press release, which INA received a copy of, that “parliamentary foreign relations committee should investigate in the truth of this visit and detection of official’s names who visited the occupied territory and specially members of House of Representatives if the visit real.

    He ensured that “going to occupied territory matter is a red line and a very sensitive issue for Muslims from faraway east to west”.

    International, Arabic, local sites mentioned that the Israel entity’s foreign affairs said in its official site on twitter “It has discovered three Iraqi parties delegations including 15 figure to Israel during the past year 2018, mentioned that “the third Iraqi delegation visit occurred before several weeks”.