The government must stick to its efforts to cease missions of the international coalition: CF

  • 8-02-2024, 12:03
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    The Coordination Framework CF on Thursday emphasized the necessity of continuing government efforts to cease the missions of the international coalition denouncing the repeated attacks on Iraq's sovereignty by US forces. 
    "We denounce the recurrent assaults on Iraq's sovereignty by US forces and their transgression of red lines by going after official forces and men who helped combat ISIS terrorism and purge Iraqi territory of their takfiri defilement," read a coordination framework statement obtained by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    "We even consider it a bloody revenge against leaders who strongly confronted terrorism," the statement read. "The targeting of the martyr Abu Baqer Al-Saaedi on Wednesday evening in a densely populated area contradicts and intersects with the specific missions of the coalition forces, which are limited to fighting terrorist organizations in their areas of presence." 
     "Persisting in this manner could lead to an infinite number of counterattacks," it cautioned, emphasizing the "need to continue government efforts to end the missions of the international coalition, thus ending the series of aggressive attacks, and preserving the safety and security of citizens."
    "Condolences to the family and friends of the martyr Al-Saaedi," the framework made a point of saying.