Interior Minister : We presented a proposal regarding drug testing

  • 1-10-2023, 23:48
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    The Ministry of Interior revealed the results of the Hamdaniyah fire accident, confirming that it was 100% accidental, and while announcing its submission of a proposal regarding including categories in drug testing, he indicated that the national card would be printed inside Iraq.

    The Minister of Interior, Abdul Amir Al-Shammari, said to the “Al-Ashra” program, followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), “We requested that all those negligent in the Hamdaniyah incident be referred to the judiciary,” pointing out that “the incident was accidental and 100% an act of God."

    He added, "All those accused of the Hamdaniyah tragedy and the criminal charges are in the custody of the judiciary," stressing that "fireworks were the main cause of the fire."

    He pointed out that “the hall can accommodate 500 people, while there are twice the number,” noting that “the hall’s ceiling falling on top of the people exacerbated the situation."

    He stated that "the Al-Hamdaniya wedding hall was devoid of emergency doors," noting that "all workers in the wedding hall were arrested, including those with firebrands, and some of them were released."

    He explained, "The shortage of personnel in civil defense will be addressed through volunteering," stressing, "We have opened a model civil defense detachment in the ministry in the presence of the Prime Minister."

    He continued: "The Ministry is serious about eliminating all violations that do not comply with the safety law."

    Regarding border control procedures, Al-Shammari said: “We are working to establish a dam in the Al-Hawizeh Marsh to prevent the crossing of drugs,” noting that “the Council of Ministers decided to fund the construction of a concrete wall on the Iraqi-Syrian border."

    He pointed out that "the security of any country begins with the borders, and the Iraqi borders with neighboring countries must be controlled," adding: "There is great support for the border guard forces, and they are continuing the issue of fortifications and arbitrations."

    He stressed that "there is cooperation with neighboring countries in controlling the borders."

    Regarding receiving the security file, the minister said: “We received the security file in 5 governorates, and the experience was successful,” stressing, “We seek to take over the city centers in Anbar, Salah al-Din, and Nineveh governorates."

    Regarding the living system in police stations, Al-Shammari stated that “police stations need great effort and capabilities,” adding: “We have begun governance procedures in all police stations."

    He added, "Police stations need work and great logistical support," noting, "We lived at the Al-Masbah police station, and I will move to another police station."

    Regarding the drug file, the minister explained that “examinations are continuing on all members of the Ministry regarding drugs, and we have presented a proposal to examine everyone who applies for a license to market and carries weapons with drugs,” pointing out that “the Narcotics Control Directorate has done great work to arrest major drug traffickers."

    He continued: "We have great international cooperation with neighboring countries and have held conferences to combat drugs."

    Al-Shammari announced that the supply of drugs has decreased and there is a development in forced asylums for addicts, stressing that “funds have been allocated to rehabilitate clinics for treating drug addicts in all governorates."

    He pointed out that "the Judicial Council is very cooperative in the field of combating drugs," noting that "strict penalties will limit drug trafficking."
    He pointed out that "the drug trade is an international trade that most countries in the world suffer from, and controlling the borders will prevent the crossing of drugs into Iraq, and we have no choice but to control the drug scourge," stressing, "We seized a Captagon manufacturing factory in Muthanna."

    Regarding the printing of national cards, the minister said: “Last year, the number of those registered for the national card was 27 million and the recipients were only 22 million,” pointing out that “the number of those registered for the national card now is nearly 32 million and 500 thousand, and the number of non-recipients of the card is 500 thousand, and in the coming days it will be zeroed Completely, this is an achievement."

    He stressed that "the process of printing the national card will continue within 24 hours, and the card will be printed and manufactured inside Iraq in a colorful way and bearing large security symbols."