Hussein discusses with his American counterpart the dues for buying gas and electricity from Iran

  • 9-06-2023, 14:16
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    INA-  Baghdad

    Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken discussed on Friday the dues for buying gas and electricity from Iran.

    A statement by the ministry, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated that "Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Fouad Hussein met with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, on the sidelines of the ministerial meeting of the international coalition against the terrorist ISIS, which is taking place in Riyadh."

    The statement added, "During the meeting, they discussed various aspects of bilateral relations between Baghdad and Washington, and ways of cooperation in various fields, stressing" the importance of continuing joint work and cooperation within the strategic framework agreement for the relations of friendship and cooperation between the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America, "praising the efforts of the United States as leader of the coalition in the fight against the terrorist organization ISIS.”

    It continued, "A group of bilateral, regional and global issues were discussed, and they discussed Iraq's efforts to strengthen its economy and achieve energy independence, and they also discussed many regional and international issues of common concern, stressing "the need to work to reduce tension, achieve calm in the region, and avoid escalation that will not serve any party."

    The two ministers touched on "the financial dues of the Iranian government on Iraq due to the purchase of gas and electricity from the Islamic Republic of Iran and how to deal with the American measures on international banks, including Iraqi banks, as these measures are within the framework of the US sanctions policy on Iran," stressing the "need to find a solution to this problem as it directly affects the electrical sector in Iraq, and from this point of view, he thanked the American side for allowing to solve the issue of financial payments to Iranian pilgrims and Iranian money in Iraqi banks."

    For his part, the US Secretary of State affirmed that "the United States is committed to supporting the stability of Iraq and the democratic process in it, and supports political stability, communication and joint work between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government in a way that enhances the status and strength of Iraq in the region, wishing" to reach understandings to solve outstanding problems between the two parties, especially in the oil and financial field.