Iraq: 11 martyrs and wounded in a terrorist attack, Diyala

  • 20-12-2022, 00:16
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    Al-Khalis District Commissioner in Diyala, Uday Al-Khadran, announced that the final number of casualties during the terrorist attack on Albu Bali village reached between death and injury of 11 citizens.

    Al-Khadran told Al-Iraqiya NewsTV, followed up by the Iraqi News Agency - INA that "a group of terrorists riding motorcycles attacked the village of Albu Bali, which is located on the outskirts of the Khalis district, from three axes at 8:30 pm, as it is considered one of the agricultural villages inhabited by farmers," noting that  "Dozens of residents rushed to confront the terrorist attack, some of whom were unarmed."

    He added, "The terrorist attack, which lasted for half an hour, resulted in the death of 8 people and the injury of 3," noting that "the security forces are now conducting searches in pursuit of terrorists."