Japanese Town in Iraq

  • 12-12-2022, 23:01
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    Japanese Town in Iraq was opened in Baghdad, on a land of 9 dunums, with a value of more than $27 million.

    "The opening of the Japanese Town in Baghdad is a great achievement for Sardar Group, and it is a pride for all," said Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Shah Wan Abdullah, in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency - INA.

    He noted that "the government supports the private sector in order to have a role in the construction process."

    "The private sector reduces the burden on the state in providing job opportunities, provides opportunities for companies and prepares the business ground for investors," he added, stressing that "the Parliament is gearing towards supporting the private sector via a project to support investors to play their role in construction."

    In turn, the head of the National Investment Commission, Salar Muhammad Amin, said in a statement to INA "The opening of the Japanese Town in Iraq is an indication that the government headed by Muhammad Shia'a al-Sudani is supportive to the private sector and cooperative with large companies."

    He explained, "This great edifice opens for the first time in Iraq at the level of Toyota company to open strategic warehouses in Iraq, as it will shift from the Gulf to Iraq, which is a qualitative shift."

    "The National Investment Commission is supportive of the project, and there is support from the Prime Minister for the private sector, especially the important strategic projects," he included. 

    As for the Japanese ambassador to Iraq, Matsumoto Hotoshi, he told INA that "the Japanese Town in Iraq symbolizes the success of the private sector, and therefore other companies must follow these successful steps," noting that "there are steps to open other projects, but we are steadily moving forward with successive steps."

    In turn, Toyota Iraq CEO, Salar Al-Bibani, said in a statement to INA, "The Japanese city includes more than one Japanese brand, including Toyota, Lexus, Hino, and many other brands, Komatsu, Tadano, and others."

    He indicated that "the area of the investment project is 9 dunums, and it includes a technical training center to qualify the Iraqi staff, in addition to workshops for the maintenance of these brands and spare parts stores for these brands."

    "The value of investment in this project exceeds $27 million," he included.