PMF carry out a security operation to secure the areas south of Khanaqin

  • 22-11-2022, 08:52
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    The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) began on Tuesday, implementing a security operation to secure the areas south of Khanaqin.

    "Forces from the Diyala Operations Command, for the fourth day, began operations to avenge the martyr Ahmed Maksad in Diyala to secure the Arida heights in Qajah and the surrounding areas, south of Khanaqin district, and from four axes to track down and chase ISIS remnants," A statement by the PMF, which was received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated.

    The statement explained that "the four axes were divided into the first, led by the 1st Brigade, the second, led by the 11th Brigade, the third, the Special Missions Regiment in the Diyala Operations Command of the PMF, and the fourth axis, led by the 20th Brigade in PMF," noting that "the “operation is supported by aviation the army and ground support from the types of the Diyala Operations Command and the various types of formations of the PMF, and the operation is carried out by the ground forces.”