Five-pronged search operation launched in Hamrin Mountains

  • 19-11-2022, 09:27
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    The Popular Mobilization Forces-PMF announced on Saturday, launching of a five-pronged search operation in Hamrin mountain range in Diyala province to hunt down the remnants of the terrorist ISIS.
    " Diyala Ops Command at PMF has begun to implement a qualitative and accurate operation based on the intelligence information provided by the General Directorate of Security and Discipline of PMF, by determining the locations of the terrorists' hideouts, accurately monitoring their movements and pursuing them up by our command’s intelligence department," The commander of Diyala Ops, Talib al-Moussawi, said in a statement, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    He pointed out, “The security operation was launched to track down the terrorist ISIS and destroy its hideouts in Hamrin mountain range, northeast of Al-Azim district, in the area confined between Baghdad-Kirkuk road and Ain Laila road in Qara Taba district, through five main axes and with the participation of the reserve force."
    Al-Moussawi stated, "The first axis of the operation is the axis of the Sundij operation, which is led by the Fourth Brigade of PMF and a force from the Security Directorate of the Popular Mobilization Forces, and the second axis is the axis of Al-Nayasim Road, which is led by the 11th Brigade, Ali Al-Akbar, the Middle Euphrates Command, and the third axis is the Narin axis, which is led by the 23rd Brigade, the fourth axis is the axis of Omar Mandan, which is led by the 24th Brigade, and the fifth axis is the Umm Al-Hawali axis, which is led by the 62nd Brigade, while keeping the Special Forces Regiment as a reserve force”.
    He added, "This operation is supported by all kinds and services of the Popular Mobilization Forces, and the Army's Aviation, in addition to the participation of infantry units due to the ruggedness of the area, as well as avoiding the explosives that the terrorists planted on the roads," stressing that " The operation is proceeding well towards the pre-determined objectives accurately.”