Launching New Security Ops to Pursue Isis Remnants in Hamrin Mountains

  • 13-11-2021, 09:36
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    The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) announced on Saturday, launching of a new security operation to pursue the remnants of ISIS in Hamrin Mountains, indicating that this operation was carried out based on intelligence information.
    "The leadership of Diyala Ops sector at the Army and PMF carried out eight-pronged security operation in the area confined to Baghdad-Kirkuk road and Qara Tabbah road in Hamrin Mountain, Diyala to pursue ISIS remnants", PMF stated in a statement, received by The Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    The statement added, "The northern and eastern sides were divided, four of which were assigned responsibility to the forces of the army, and the other four southern and western were the responsibility of Diyala Operations Sector Command at PMF, represented by the 1st, 110th, 4th, 23rd and the Brigade of Diyala Call, as well as the supporting directorates of explosive control and military engineering, the medical staff of the Popular Mobilization Forces as well as the rest of the directorates.
    The statement continued that the operation was carried out based on intelligence information to track ISIS cells that carried out crimes against civilians, adding that the Iraqi Air Force and the army's aviation provided an air support to the forces participated in the Ops."