A surprise appears in the Bermuda Triangle where ships and planes were disappearing

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  • 11-11-2022, 23:22
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    Baghdad- Agencies 

    Yesterday, Thursday, the American “NASA” confirmed what turned into urgent news, about what divers found buried last March in the sands of the bottom near the Atlantic Ocean from the eastern coast of Florida, where the area is an extended part of “Bermuda represented” surrounded by terrifying and confusing stories, spread  In the sixties and seventies of the last century, planes and ships disappeared when one of them flew over its waters or sailed in it.

    What divers found was a large piece of the Challenger shuttle, which was carrying 7 American astronauts, all of whom were killed when it exploded 73 seconds after takeoff on January 28, 1986 from Cape Canaveral in Florida, what can be considered the largest disaster that NASA has ever suffered in its history, which is what  We find a passage about it, which brings back the memory below to the 37 years that passed since the tragedy.

    Among the dead was the 37-year-old, Christa McAuliffe, who was chosen by NASA from among the 11,000 who applied to participate in the flight, which, if it had taken place, would have become the first teacher and the first civilian to go into space, who wanted to offer a classroom from orbit to her students on Earth.

    However, the mother of two children from her husband, who was a classmate of hers, and we see her second to the left in the video, planned something and fates wanted another for her, so her story was the most shocking to the feelings of Americans, to the extent that “NASA” has since changed its programs to send civilians into space  In 2004, the teacher was awarded the "Medal of Honor" by Congress.

    As for the piece that was found, it is 4.5 meters wide and 4.5 meters long, "and it may be larger, because some of them are covered with sand, and because there are squares of thermal tiles on the shuttle, it is likely that it was from its stomach," according to Michael Cianelli, an official at NASA.  The wreck of the Challenger, in an interview with an editor from the space agency, stated that "what the divers found, and the families of the seven deceased shuttle crew members have been notified, is one of the largest pieces we have ever found, and will remain the property of the US government," he said.

    The divers first spotted the piece during their search last March for the wreckage of a World War II plane, and when the echo of what they spotted reached the “NASA” space, it paid great attention to their monitoring, and quickly investigated it, until it was confirmed through the video clip that what appeared  The divers are actually part of the shuttle, which the American History Channel will show in a documentary on November 22.