Prime Minister's speech before Parliament

  • 27-10-2022, 21:59
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Iraqi News Agency (INA) publishes today, Thursday, the most important statement of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani before Parliament during a session of granting confidence to his government.

    Al-Sudani said before the House of Representatives, according to a statement issued by his media office, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “it is an honor to stand today in the house of the legislative authority, as stipulated in Article 76 / Fourth of the Constitution, in order to present the ministerial curriculum and present the government cabinet, I hope to gain the confidence of the people's representatives and start a new page in the fields of implementation."

    He added, "Our ministerial team will address the responsibility at this stage in which the world is witnessing very large political and economic transformations and conflicts, which adds new challenges to our country, which is already suffering from accumulated crises that have had the most severe economic, social, humanitarian and environmental impact. We promise our people a sincere promise to make the utmost effort in order to succeed in lifting these monuments.

    Al-Sudani continued, "The success of our ministerial curriculum stems from our belief that the Iraqis, with their different convictions, beliefs and tendencies, are all just sons of our beloved Iraq, and by meeting around us, they will form a basis for the success of our government, and openness to all political forces, whether or not they participated in the government, and we seek to ensure that close cooperation between you and our ministerial team in a way that guarantees a legislative and oversight role that our people deserve.

    In his speech, he stressed, "Our government is keen to increase the capacity and effectiveness of local governments, as is the case in federal systems, and to find sustainable solutions to files with the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, through a true partnership based on rights and duties, and to guarantee and preserve the independence of the judiciary as stipulated in that constitution." .

    He pointed out that "the corruption pandemic that affected all aspects of life is more deadly than the Corona pandemic, and was the cause of many economic problems, weakening the prestige of the state, increasing poverty, unemployment and poor services, and accordingly our program will include resolute policies and measures to combat this pandemic," adding, "We believe firmly in building A strong Iraqi economy is able to achieve qualitative change in services, create many job opportunities and open the doors for investment wide, and contribute to strengthening the foundations of cooperation with countries of the world, based on the principle of common interests and mutual respect for sovereignty.

    Al-Sudani said in his speech that “our ministerial team will apply a set of principles to work on building a modern economy that serves Iraqis in the present and the future, including: stopping the deterioration that is afflicting various sectors, financing and implementing new and lagging projects, which have a direct impact on the lives of citizens and the services provided to them, Combating poverty and unemployment, empowering low-income people, and gradually shifting from the rentier economy by modernizing the economy’s work through the government’s sponsorship of an important economic engine based on investing the creativity of young energies to activate the building of small and medium-sized companies in agriculture, industry, information technology, services and the environment, to provide the state with thousands of job opportunities.

    He added, "The principles also include: creating a qualitative leap in building expertise, human capital and institutional capabilities to keep pace with the tremendous technological transformations in all fields affecting the economy, energy and environment, and working with the Parliament and the Judicial Council to legislate, develop and update laws supporting investment in line with the requirements of the modern economy, And benefit from successful experiences around the world that tested the same conditions in Iraq.”

    Al-Sudani added, "God has bestowed upon Iraq many resources, the most important of which are creative human energies, and our government's endeavor is to start investing and developing these energies, especially since a large percentage of the Iraqi population are young people who deserve a role in building the country and benefiting from its bounties, and our first curriculum is important for the return of the displaced." To their areas of residence after completing the requirements for return, and was also concerned with human rights and women’s empowerment, and our government will provide the necessary care and support to our armed forces and internal security forces with all their names and formations, as they are the guarantor of civil peace and security of the country and the implementation of the rule of law.

    He stressed that "our government believes that Iraq's strategic location, regional weight and influence in the world economy give it the right to play a major role that represents its true size and to establish the best relations on the basis of mutual and complementary interests with neighboring countries and Arab and friendly countries."

    He concluded by saying, "I thank the representatives of the people and pledge to our great Iraqi people, headed by the supreme and rational reference, and I pledge to you that I will be of assistance to the Iraqi people in every part of our beloved Iraq.".