Intelligence Agency: 12 suspects arrested in antiquities trade

  • 23-10-2022, 20:38
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    The Intelligence Agency announced today, Sunday,  the arrest of 12 persons accused of trafficking in antiquities in separate areas, while indicating that it had seized antiquities.


    The intelligence agency said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "its detachments were able to arrest 12 people accused of trafficking and smuggling antiquities and seize dozens of antiquities Its history goes back to ancient times in different provinces."


      "The intelligence agency's divisions carried out, based on accurate intelligence information, separate qualitative operations to pursue a number of smugglers accused of trafficking and trading antiquities in the governorates of (Babylon-Karbala-Diwaniyah-Anbar)," noting that "the agency's detachments in Diwaniyah province were able to arrest 4 suspects they trade and smuggle antiquities, and they have 68 antiquities, records and documents dating back to ancient times." According to the statement.


    In the province of Babylon, it confirmed, "the carrying out of an operation that enabled it to arrest 3 suspects in possession of 2 antiquities, as well as the arrest of a person accused of trading in antiquities in Anbar province," noting that "through luring and setting ambushes, 4 suspects were arrested in the holy province of Karbala." They have 13 valuable antiquities."