Civil Defense: A design flaw caused the collapse of the Pathological analyzes Building in Baghdad

  • 2-10-2022, 22:46
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    The Civil Defense Directorate set the date for the end of rescue operations in the collapsed laboratory building in Baghdad, while indicating that about 3 people remained trapped under the rubble of the building.
    The Assistant Director of Civil Defense, Brigadier General Hassan Ibrahim, said in a statement to Al-Iraqiya News, which was followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "our teams began yesterday, a rescue operations, as they managed to rescue 13 people and provided first aid to them," noting that "rescue operations it continued and was able today to exhume the body of the building guard."
    Ibrahim added, "According to the available information, the rest of the victims are under the rubble, from one to 3 people," noting that "the operations of lifting the concrete blocks are continuing until we can raise all the rubbles  ." 
    "The civil defense teams have reached the final stages of removing the ruins of the building, and tomorrow we will reach its end," noting that "a committee was formed by order of the Prime Minister and under the supervision of the Minister of Interior to investigate the causes of the collapse of the building." Ibrahim stressed confirmed.
    He continued, "Initial information from the Civil Defense indicates that the cause of the collapse was a design defect, as the building was originally composed of 4 floors, but a new building was added to it, which led to its collapse."