Drilling operations for 2 oil wells carried out in Maysan: Oil Ministry

  • 30-09-2022, 11:29
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    Ministry of Oil announced Friday the completion of drilling operations for two oil wells in the Halfaya field, in addition to the completion  of three other wells in Maysan.

     Director of the Drilling and Reclamation Department, Youssef Jabbar Mansour, said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "Drilling operations have been completed for two new wells in the field, carried out by Chinese companies specialized in drilling operations. 

    The wells are Halfaya / 567 as a water source, which was completed during (  39) days, in addition to the Halfaya well / 1341, with a period of 75 days.

    He added that "the completion operations of three wells, namely the Halfaya well / 942, were carried out by the reclamation device belonging to the subcontractor of the Chinese Bohai Company, indicating that" the aim of that process is to re-complete and revitalize the Mushrif reservoir and raise the production rate with a production capacity that ranged between  (400-700) barrels per day, as well as the completion and activation of the Halfaya/1290 well by the subcontractor Dagenic Company, with the aim of completing the well in a multi-stage fracturing.”

    He continued, "The completion activities for the Halfaya well / 95 were carried out by the Dagenic company to complete the well as a source of water for the lower and middle layers to support the oil reservoirs with water to maintain pressures and improve the production of the field."