Imam Hussein Holy Shrine announces the success of its plan for the Arbaeen pilgrimage

  • 18-09-2022, 13:44
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    Imam Hussein Holy Shrine announced the success of its plan for the Arbaeen pilgrimage.

     The Secretary-General of the Holy Shrine, Hassan Rashid Al-Abayji, said in a statement on the official shrine website, which was followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the Holy Shrine announces the success of its plan to revive the rituals of the Arbaeen pilgrimage for this year 1444 AH."

     He added: "We stand in honor in front of all pilgrims from inside and outside Iraq who endured the suffering of the road and traveled long distances to reach the shrine of Imam Hussein, expressing thanks “ to all the parties that contributed to the success of the rituals  of the pilgrimage , especially the holy shrines, the Husseini processions, the local government in the Holy Karbala, the local governments that witnessed the pilgrims ’ passage in their governorates, the security services of all kinds and formations, the ministries and supporting departments such as health, municipality, trade, etc.  

     He explained, "The Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein has mobilized all its capabilities to provide the best services to pilgrims coming to Karbala for the purpose of reviving the rituals of the pilgrimage ."