A security conference in Karbala outlines the number of cross-border pilgrims and flexibility of prepared plans

  • 18-09-2022, 11:03
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    Minister of Interior Othman Al-Ghanimi announced Sunday that more than 4 million pilgrims entered through the border crossings during the Arbaeen pilgrimage , while the governor of Karbala, Nassif Al-Khattabi, confirmed the participation of more than 60,000 volunteers in it.

    Al-Ghanimi said, during a press conference held in the holy Karbala with Governor Nassif Al-Khattabi, and attended by the reporter of the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the Arbaeen pilgrimage of this year was distinguished by the fact that it was the most numerous in terms of the participation of the security forces, which in turn prevented many challenges," noting that  "I dealt firmly with those who try to destabilize the security situation."

     He added, "The skill of the security forces made them overcome all the obstacles they faced to secure the pilgrimage ," noting that "what distinguishes this year's pilgrimage is the opening of controlling headquarters in each port, to limit any security breach."

    Al-Ghanimi added, "Many countries have admitted that they will fail to organize these numbers and provide services to them."

     For his part, the governor of Karbala, Nassif al-Khattabi, stressed during the conference that "the Arbaeen pilgrimage this year is the largest in history, and no security plan can succeed without a service and health plan."

    He pointed out that "more than four million Iranian pilgrims entered Iraq," noting that "the number of volunteers who participated in the pilgrimage amounted to more than 60,000 volunteers."