A plan targeting the country's security in four governorates foiled: PMF

  • 8-09-2022, 09:56
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    INA-  Baghdad

    The Popular Mobilization Forces PMF announced on Thursday that it had foiled a plan to target the country's security in four governorates.
    A statement by PMF received by the Iraqi News Agency INA said that "under the supervision of the Chief of Staff of the Popular Mobilization Forces and with a high intelligence effort and careful follow-up and after obtaining judicial approvals, the Popular Mobilization Forces launched a broad pre-emptive operation called (Second Deterrence) through which a hostile plan led by the banned Baath Party against the security of the country and Arbaeen pilgrimage was thwarted in the holy provinces of Karbala, Babylon, Muthanna and Diwaniya."
    The statement added that "the Popular Mobilization Forces were able to overthrow an effective network, including members and leaders, pointing out that "the detainees were dealt with in accordance with the legal procedures fundamentally."