Greece: 25,000 migrants tried to cross our border with Turkey in August

  • 25-08-2022, 18:16
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    The Greek government announced today, Thursday, that 25,000 migrants attempted to cross its border with Turkey during the month of August, noting that the country was facing increasing pressures from the influx of irregular migrants.

    "Only in August, although the month is not yet over, 25,000 migrants tried to enter illegally across the Greek-Turkish border," Greek government spokesman Yiannis Economou told a press conference.

    He stated that Greece is facing "increasing pressures in the migration file" on its land borders in Evros (northeast) and on the maritime borders in the Aegean Sea.

    He also noted that "the Defense Council, which met on Tuesday, decided to lengthen the wall built along the Greek-Turkish border in Evros.
    The wall is currently 40 km long and is scheduled to be extended another 80 km.

    Border guards

    The comments come 10 days after Greek police found 38 migrants, most of them Syrians, stranded according to the United Nations for several days on an island in the middle of the Evros border river. A five-year-old girl died after being stung by a scorpion on this island.