Yarallah arrives in Salah al-Din to oversee the pre-emptive Ops against ISIS remnants

  • 20-08-2022, 10:48
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    Army Chief of Staff, Lieutenant-General Abdul Amir Yarallah, arrived in Salah al-Din, on Saturday, to follow up the preemptive operations against the remnants of ISIS.
    “During his inspection Salah al-Din operations sector  to follow up on the latest pre-emptive operations on the terrorists’ hideouts, Yarallah stressed the need to invest in the state of collapse experienced by the remnants of terrorism and to maintain the pressure operations on the terrorists to prevent them from carrying out any terrorist operation targeting the security and stability of the Salah al-Din,” stated Ministry of Defense (MOD) , in a statement received by The Iraqi News Agency(INA).
    Yarallah lauded "The results achieved by the 5th phase of the Operation Solid Will, and the level of the carried out Ops"